Watch the video above to preview the AMAZING BSP magazine with information about fun session ideas and options, prices, and special articles to make YOUR senior experience the best!  You’ll see why I am different from other photographers from start to finish.  

What makes BSP different?  First of all, you are NOT a number!  I only shoot two sessions per week to ensure you get the time and talent you deserve.  Nothing is overlooked!  I make sure you are beyond prepared starting with the pre-session consultation, onto your session and then placing your order.

I also do not try to make you what I want you to be.  I capture who YOU are!  This is done by getting to know you prior to your session so that you don’t just show up and pose.  I definitely help you each step of the way but believe there are no “shoulds” or “rights and wrongs” when it comes to senior sessions.  It’s a collaborative process I hope to share with you.

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