About Big Shots

Everyone wants pretty pictures and someone who knows how to take them. But you want more than just snapshots. You want beautiful photographs that capture your unique beauty and personality. You want a personalized, one-of-a-kind senior experience to showcase who you are and what you’re all about!  That’s why you deserve A BSP Senior Session.   BSP is known for attention to detail and providing seniors with more than just “some senior pics”.  It’s an experience in and of itself!  

BSP was founded with the idea that an extraordinary senior session is something that every high school senior deserves.  No two seniors are alike and no two sessions are alike. A BSP Senior experience can be transformational and may just be the highlight of your senior year!  Seniors often leave with a new attitude & self-confidence.  That is priceless!

I am there to work with you every step of the way. From our collaborative consultation where we’ll come up with location ideas and clothing suggestions for your unique, modern, senior session all the way to natural posing and everything in between.  On the day of the shoot, you’ll start with our “Glam Squad” team for professional hair styling and a makeover. Then it’s time to have the most fun, amazing, epic session.  You’ll feel like a model!  A few weeks later, you’ll come in to see your gorgeous images that will be made into works of art for you, your friends and family can enjoy for a lifetime of memories.  Think about it, the next time you will have the opportunity for an experience like this will probably be on YOUR WEDDING DAY!  Crazy!  Enjoy this time in your life that is all about YOU!   

I shoot senior sessions from May-October but don’t wait until the last minute to schedule your BSP Senior Session!  Senior year is filled with enough dates, deadlines and obligations.  Have your BSP senior session experience in the spring or summer prior to your senior year when the weather is nice and before college applications, extracurricular activities and schoolwork take over.

Contact Marla for more information or to book YOUR BSP Session!